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Our Story

The Granted Sweater Company is a Canadian family owned brand that has been specializing in woolen apparel since 1978.

Our original hand knit label has been an integral part of Canadian fashion for decades. We're known for pairing our traditional knitting techniques with unique, curious designs inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have vast blue ocean, towering mountains and everything in-between. 

Now after forty years in the knitwear industry, we’ve begun a new adventure. By partnering with another family business in Nepal. Together, we’ve created a lighter, more versatile collection called DAY. Our Nepalese partners, who we've come to call our friends, have the same values and commitment to quality as ours.

Our DAY collection provides that perfect layer of warmth utilizing earth's sustainable miracle fibre, wool. DAY is for the times when the morning is brisk, the cabin is cool and the evening campfire is not enough.

We hope that on your daily adventures our knitwear keeps you warm and closer to a #perfectDAY


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