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Nepal, a country known for their endless mountain landscape and famous Everest trekking tours. What some people do not know is that the Nepalese people are known to be perfectionist when it comes to producing hand crafted items (handicraft) which also includes a deep knowledge in knitwear.

After many years of research we were able to partner with a similarly minded family owned/operated business in Nepal. This company supports ethical working environments and sustainable production methods. 

We chose to work with this factory not only because of the quality it produces but because it passes all Nepalese safety/working standards, and its employees are treated and paid fairly. We also like that they support female workers during motherhood: they will be opening a childcare service for new mothers who are employed by the company. It’s important to both of our family-run businesses that men and women have the opportunity to comfortably earn a living, help support their families, and even pursue education for themselves.

Nepal Collage